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Are Android touch HMI suitable for 2-wheeler?

Android touchscreens have transformed vehicle interactions, despite the misconception that they are not suitable for 2-wheeler or open vehicles due to thermal & environmental challenges. Read on to learn more.

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Android touch HMI V/S MCU digital instrument cluster

Android HMI systems offer significant advantages over conventional MCU-based digital instrument clusters, improving the overall driving experience through modern and smart solutions with better user experience and connectivity. Read on to learn more.

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Advanced Connectivity features of Android HMI

Advanced Connectivity features of Android HMI provide a safer and always connected experience, transforming traditional vehicles into more advanced and capable connected & smart vehicles. Read on to learn more.

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Ridot-K: connected & smart Android HMI with all-in-one interfaces

Anvation Labs introduces Ridot-K, a connected and smart Android HMI for next-gen vehicles with all-in-one interfaces, enabling greater connectivity and advanced features like ADAS. Read on to learn more.

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Redefining the Riding Experience with Ridot-K

Anvation Labs introduces Ridot-K, a revolutionary Connected & Smart Android HMI, bringing high-end car-like features to motorcycles, scooters, golf carts, and more, reshaping the way we interact with open vehicles and creating an unparalleled riding experience with its unwavering focus on user experience. Read on to learn more.

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Safer rides with Ridot-K - AI driven TPMS

The Ridot-K's Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) offers advanced features that go beyond basic pressure monitoring, providing intelligent analytics to enhance safety and improve the riding experience for users of next-gen open vehicles e.g. 2-wheeler and golf carts. Read on to learn more.

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Managing Certification & Compliance for Hardware Products

Certifications and compliance regulations are not mere red tape; they serve a practical purpose in ensuring the reliability and safety of hardware products. Each certification test has a specific objective. Read on to find out.

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Revolutionizing Vehicle Maintenance: The Power of Connected & Smart Android HMI

Anvation Labs' flagship product Ridot-K, a hardened and intelligent Android HMI, is leading the charge by introducing a revolutionary Vehicle Service Management system that promises to deliver a unique experience for riders while streamlining inventory for dealers. Read on to learn more.

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Enhancing Safety and Functionality: The Evolution of Non-Distractive Android HMI in Vehicles

The evolution of non-distractive Android HMI in vehicles, exemplified by the Ridot-K from Anvation Labs, marks a significant step forward in enhancing safety while providing feature-rich functionality. Read on to learn more.

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Enhancing Vehicle Safety with Ridot-K: The Evolution of Connected & Smart Android HMI

With a focus on vehicle safety, Ridot-K sets itself apart from the competition, offering an array of innovative features that elevate the safety of vehicles to unprecedented levels. Read on to learn more.

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Overcoming Hardware Mass Manufacturing Challenges

Taking a hardware product to market needs a reliable and scalable mass production setup. Unlike software products this can become a big challenge if not handled well. Learn how to do it.

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